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Vanessa Morgan Skin Management Centre


When you step in my door you can expect to be treated with the greatest respect and personal care.

We pride ourselves in looking after your health and wellbeing. Not all beauty salons are created equal, and here we focus on perfecting true customer service and creating a calm and relaxing environment for all to enjoy.

We’re constantly updating our techniques and skills, which means you reap the benefits of our fully trained and well-equipped staff, and your satisfaction is our success.

I welcome any comment for improvement or growth and look forward to the joy of your experience.

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Life's Little Luxuries

Total Body Wellness For Women and Men

We offer both medical and therapeutic skin treatments.

From ancient hot springs and natural oils through to seaweed and mineral salts, these styles of massage all offer unique properties that will not only leave you feeling revitalised and detoxified, but will calm your mind.

  • Unlike some beauty salons, we offer a large variety of cosmetic and medical treatments such as:
  • Skin and body treatments
  • Microdermabrasion and Waxing
  • Advanced beauty therapies

Our treatments are designed for both men and women privately at our skin clinic here in Bundaberg, so rest assured that we have something to help you relax and revitalise your body. If you’re interested in facials or massages you’ve come to the perfect sanctuary.

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Cosmetic Tattooing

One of the very best in the industry

Vanessa Morgan is a registered master at cosmetic tattooing and is considered one of Australia's leading cosmetic tattoo practitioners. A consultation is always required before any cosmetic tattoo treatment, so we encourage you to ask about the service.

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